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The old kingdom

The old kingdom

The old kingdom

The old kingdom or( the pyramids builders period ), one of the most important part of the Egyptian history ,since king Mina unfitted upper and lower Egypt underneath his rule ,he started to build the base of a great country and he cared about the art and trade between Egypt and Africa then the kings after him cared about building the pyramids started by king Zoser who built the step pyramid (the oldest stone structure in history),this pyramid designed by his minister Emhotep and its standing as a wetness for the Egyptian civilization   ,the last earthquake 1992 affected on this great building ,.

Then we go to talk about another great monument during the old kingdom period which is the great pyramid which built during the time of king Khofo  and considered one of the seven wonders in the world ,lots of legends and myths created around this great building some saying its built by magic or some huge creators came from universe and built it but the documents which we found near by the pyramids proved that it was built by great Egyptian builders and craftsmen .the idea of pyramid came from the time of king Senefru(father of king Khofu),20 years to built this pyramid and its height around 147 m ,,and till now the lots of studies around this pyramids gives us new information about the reasons of its building ,but the nearest explanation that the king ordered to built a great tomb after the complain of the workers who have no jobs so he solved this problem for them.

Khafre pyramid ,,,,,, one of  Giza pyramids built by king Khafre (th e fourth king of the fourth dynasty) and son of king Khofu , and this pyramid shorter than Khofu,s one (143 m high),it has tow entrances from north side and still have some of its limestone pilaster , and they discovered a statue for the king near by his pyramid considered one of the most beautiful statue in the Egyptian museum ,,, also king Khafre built the sphinx near by this pyramid,which is king,s head (symbol of wisdom ),and lion,s body(symbol of strength)

Menkaure pyramid,,,,,

The smallest pyramid in Giza group which built by king Menkayre (son of king Khafre),its 65 m high , built by limestone  except   the lower part which built in granite stone , and we found his wooden coffin with his royal name inside his burial chamber (the mummy in the British museum)   , and south of this pyramid another three pyramids built for the royal queens .

The kings of the old kingdom built many wonderful monuments and statues , and people should visit the Egyptian museum to see and enjoy the best and finest statues built by humankind,