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Gbal El Silsilla

Gbal El Silsilla

Gbal El Silsilla

Its located 65km north of Aswan city and gebel el Silsila is the best well preserved stone quarries at ancient Egyptian time, from that place the ancient Egyptian used to cut the stone block to built all the new kingdom temples,statues and chapels tell the Greeco-Romain time for more than 1700 years the Egyptian workers used to cut sant stone blocks from this place .
the king horemheb the last pharaoh of 18th dynasty (1338-1308 BC ),he built beautiful temple dedicated to the god AMun Ra and diffrents gods , the monument consisted of a facade for five doors way separated by different pillars , behind it is transverse hall and a small obelong chamber, the sanctuary, to the real.

The walls covered by a lots reliefs and inscription (some of them in good state of preservation ).

The king Horemheb he had not enough time to finish this temple ,that why later on some other kings and nobles men decorated .

later on some other kings lifted their marks in the quarry and Gabel el Silsela became the important cult center for the nile god (Hapy ) ,and every year they celebrated by inundation season festival.

Further to the north over63 rock-shrine with beautiful decoration ,many of this shrine destroyed by earthquake and this shrine belonged to priest ,nobles and scribes at this time .

their is also 18th tomb belong to sennefer( a libation priest ) who was buried near with his wife .

at northern part of the quarry their are three large rock -Stella for (Ramessesv ,Sheshanku and Ramesses 111). The place there is very beautiful to visit ,to see part of the Egyptian history