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Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

The museum of Egyptian antiquities
It has over 120,000 items of ancient Egyptian objects ,the museum was build in 1835 near the Ezbekeyah Garden when MOHAMED ALI BASH ordered to record the Egyptian antiquities, after death of Modemed Ali some items was stollen,in 1858 the government was established a new museum at Boulaq under the direction of Mariette ,but the new one suffered from a flood of the River Nile .IN 1902 and for the last time its moved to Museum in Tahrir Square .

the french architect (marcel dourgnon) designed the Egyptian museum in Neoclassical style in 1900 ,the Egyptian museum boasts 107 halls filled with artifacts, these objects covering 5000 years of the Egyptians history.

This museum consists of tow floors ,on the ground one lots of items from papyrus and coins dating back to Greeks and ancient Egyptian, On the upper floor lots of masterpieces setback to the golden king Tutankhamun from his tomb the ,only tomb intact at valley of kings ,in Theban and also group from Fayoum Portraits .The royal mummies room are one of the highlights of the Egyptian museum (extra ticket),where there u can see lots of mummies for the most famous Egyptian kings for example Rmesses2 and his father Seti 1 and the mummy of the only Egyptian female queen your visit to Cairo not compete without visiting the greatest museum in the east.