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Dier El- Madina

Dier El- Madina

The small hollow in the foothills to the northwest of Amenophis III’s temple was the area where the community of workmen who constructed the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings had their village.
On the north side of this village several temples were built, the largest of which was begun by Amenophis111 and almost completely rebuilt and expanded in later times -long after the village had been deserted by its population of tomb makers.
they discovered 68 houses and these ruins of these houses gives us excellent examples for the ancient Egyptian houses. The houses were all built to a similar plane from mud-bricks,most of the houses with four rooms and internal staircases leading to a terrace.

The most beautiful tomb discovered in this valley is the tomb of Senejem <the chief of the workers during Ramesses II>, this tomb discovered 1886 by French Egyptologist <Masebero>.

The most intact tomb found their is the tomb of Kha which discovered 1906 <all the items which founded inside the tomb showing in Torino museum .

Another beautiful and small temple dedicated to goddess Hathor built near by the tombs of the workers <built by Petolemy4 >second century B.C , this temple converted a church during the early Christians that’s why the Arabic name <Dier el- madina >which mean the church of the city. About the old name of this valley it was <TA -SET-MAAT>which mean the place of truth…this place its high recommended to visit.