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Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo

One of the important sites of old Cairo where we have seven ancient Churches and one of the most ancient synagogues .you will visit (the hanging church )which dates back to the end of the 4th and the begging of the 5th centuries, it is a typical church

Maybe built by patriarchate ISAAC 690,The hanging church has 110 icons the oldest dates back to 8th century.the sanctury made of ebony inllaid with ivory,the coptic cross designs that date back to around the 12th century .

Then you we move to Abu serga church or the ( Cavern church ) where the Holy family ( Jesus the child ,virgin Mary and Joseph ) rested for awhile in their journey in Egypt.

abu serge church dedicated to two soldier-saint martyred during the 4th century in syria (Serguis and Bacchus ). One of the most important place in the church of abu serga ,is the crypt which the Holy Family stayed during thier journy to egypt

Each year,on first day of June they having prayers inside the church(commemorates of arrival of the Holy Family) Finally we will end up in Ben Ezra synagogue where Moses the child was found according to the Jewish tradition