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Queen Hetep Heris was the daughter of King Huny last King of 3rd dynasty , ,King Snefru was married to Queen Hetep Heris she had the royal blood which made him to legitimate ruler of the country.
King Snefru ruled Egypt 24 years alots of monuments during his reign.
From Palermo stone we can certainly learn a lot about his achievements in the country .
He sent expeditions to Nubia in the south to secure the southern borders also other one to north to peninsula of Sinai and a lot of inscriptions on rocks near the copper and Turquoise mines .

He sent his fleet to Lebanon to bring Cedar wood ,till now in a good state of preservation in his pyramid of Dahshour .

King Snefru built three major pyramids ,his pyramid in Meidum , in the Egyptian museum in Cairo has quite a good collection of things from Meidum like famous statue of Re-hotep and his wife Nofret who was one of sons of King Snefru and the famous inscription (gees of Meidum )then two pyramids in Dahshour ,one of these pyramid the only pyramid which has more than one entrance on different side .

Ancient Egyptian of the 12th dynasty (600 years later )certainly worshipped Snefru ,exactly as if he was Re , Soker ,Osiris or Ptah ,not only this but they also decided to choose Dahshour to build their pyramids beside him ,in order to receive the blessings of the area from him.