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Ramsses III

Ramsses III

Ramsses III

He ruled for about 32 years  and he made great effort in controlling the country he was a warrior King .

At 5th year of his reign Libyans and Indo-Europeans attacked Egypt because the King Ramsses III was interfering a lot with their internal affairs.

Also at 8th of his reign occurred one of the greatest achievements of King Ramses III , he save Egypt by defeating the (sea -people ) and destroying their fleet ,one of the most important temples of Egypt (Habu temple )recording all of his battles scenes and especially the naval scenes which is considered to be the first recorded navel battle in man kind and the first war ever recorded between Egypt and Europe .

Ramses III was very interesting in architectural achievements such as built his mortuary temple on the western bank of Luxor , his palace  there and his tomb was at valley of kings .

He was a warrior King but Ramses III decided to spend the second part of his reign in total luxury ,then  the economical state of the country  was deteriorating .

In his 29th year of his reign ,we know from documents about the strike  of workers because they did’nt receive their salaries for 2 months.
One of his wives thinking of killing this old man  because he did’nt want to make her son ”Pentoar” the successor of his father on the throne