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Queen Hatshepsut

Queen Hatshepsut

Queen Hatshepsut the 5th pharaoh of the 18th dynasty ,she was one of the most famous female queen ruled Egypt,her name Hatsheput means (the most famous noble lady),she was the oldest daughter of king Tutmoses1 and her mother is queen Ahmos ,and she married her step brother king Tutmoses2 and joined him the rule to solve the problem that there was no legal son for her father,,,,Hatsheput faced lots of troubles when she ruled the country that the people refused any women to rule the country so she created fiction story saying she is the daughter of god Amun himself and she depicted he self as a man with a false beard on the temples, and there are some stories saying that she killed her husband (and brother)but there are no evidence for this, anyway her stepson king Tutmoses3 whose the one should rule the country but he was still young so she joined him the rule but she sent him abroad for many years to rule by her own self, Egypt during her time it was so rich country and she cared by the trade and building houses and temples and she avoided Egypt the wars against its neighbors,she wanted to prove to the people she is more helpful than any other male king before her time and she succeeded in this.

Her temple (El dier al-bahari)in the west bank (the only temple built by female queen)considered the most beautiful temple built in Luxor and this temple designed by Senmut ,,and there is a big mysterious in the relation between Hatshepsut and Senmut ,some Egyptologists saying there was a love story (but no evidence),and this man he built his tomb near by her temple and he built a tunnel to connect between his tomb and her temple and till now we don’t know a lot about about the death of both of them.

Most of her monuments damaged by her stepson king Tutmoses3 ,after her death her stepson ruled the counter and he ordered his craftsmen to destroy her temples and to erase all her names and titles on all over the temples in Egypt and they call this family troubles, our queen ruled the country for 21 years and when she died they buried her mummy in the Vally of the Kings (KV 20)

Queen Hatshepsut is the greatest pharaoh ruled Egypt during her rule Egypt was one of the greatest country in all over the world .