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God Ptah was represent in the form of a mummified man,holding the two symbols a scepter and ankh ,Ptah is the creator God who existed before all other things,he conceives the world by the thought of his heart and gives life through the magic of his word.

One of the most important document was known (Shabaka stone )in the 25th dynasty shows the God Ptah ,the God responsible for the creation of the universe by thought and by the word .
He was one of five major Egyptian gods with Ra ,Isis ,Osiris and Amun during the Middle Kingdom .

The cult of God Ptah developed in different ways especially in Thebes (during new kingdom )where the workers of the royal tomb honored him as patron of craftsmen.
In thee book of the dead he was a master architect and responsible for building the framework of the universe .
In Memphis Ptah was part of a holy triad ,goddess Sekhmet his wife and his son was Nefertem .