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Horus ,the falcon headed god ,he was among the most important Egyptian gods ,particularly because the pharaoh was supposed to be his earthly impediment .

Horus was born to the goddess Isis ,after she succeeded to collect her husband body (the murdered husband Osiris),cording to the Egyptian mythology his penis was eaten by cat fish on the River Nile,and after his mother Isis used her magic powers to resurrect Osiris.

Once Isis knew she was pregnant by Horus , she hided from her brother Seth(evil god) , in the Nile Delta .She knew that he wanted to kill her son ,.

After she relieved her divine birth (Horus),she asked her son to take revenge from his uncle (because he killed the father Osiris),the a  big fight between Horus against his uncle Seth till he succeeded to kill his uncle in Edfu town (his temple built there).

Horus had many battles against his uncle Seth ,not only to avenge his father but to choose the rightful ruler of Egypt.

The eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities , in this case from Horus or Ra ,the symbol is seen on images of Horus,mother (Isis), and on other deities associated with her.

For Horus many names and forms such as Harsiesis, Harpokrates, Horus the elder , Horus behdety was a defender of Ra during his earthly kingship against Seth.