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Amun Ra

Amun Ra

Amun Ra

Amun also Amon ,was the major Egyptian god and he was attested since the old kingdom and since the 11th dynasty he became the god of Thebes .

After the war against Hyksos and with the rule of Ahmos I he is associated with the sun and became Amun Ra .

It possible that there were tow separate gods  with the same name but equally likely that Amun of Heliopolis took the attributes of Theban god Monto when he replaced him as the principle god of the nome  in the later period .

During the new kingdom he gained such power that is almost possible to argue that Egypt had become a monotheistic state.

Amun Ra considered to be the father of the pharaoh .

The history of Amun as the patron god of Thebes begins in the 20th century BC , with the construction of the precinct of Amun Ra at Karnak under Senusert I .

When Thebes became the capital of the unified Egypt major construction work in the precinct of Amun Ra there.

The kings of the new kingdom attributed all there successful enterprises to Amun , and they lavished much of there wealth and captured spoil on the construction of the temples dedicated to Amun .

Amun Ra adopted as well in the form of god Amun min (fertility god),his importance grew in the middle kingdom when he became even more closely linked with Horus as the deity Min- Horus and by the new kingdom he was also used with Amun in the deity Min-Amun-Kamutef (Min Amun pull of his mother).Min,s shrine was crowned with a pair of pull horns .

Amu Re is considered the father of the gods (god of the gods) , that’s why his images depicted on the walls of the most of the ancient Egyptian temples.