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Solar phenomena at Abu simple

if you want to see the most unique phenomena you should visit Abu simple temple ,Love Egypt Tours can organize tripe to visit this temple ( aero plane ,van car ) ,overs there you will enjoy the history (Abu simple temple )and the natural view (Nasser’s lake ). on 22 February-22 October the sun cross 65 meters to illuminate the faces of the gods inside this great temple ,and its-consider one of the most unique astronomical that people still wondering about the measurement of this temple and abu simple temple also called the sun temple where there worshiped the sun gods (Amun Ra and Ra-Horakhty ) the sun covered the two statues of gods and statue of king Rameses except the last statue for the god Ptah (darkness god ) . These dates are allegedly the king’s birthday and coronation day respectively.but there is no evidence to support this .though it is quite logical to assume that these dates had some relation to a great event .