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Osirion,this is the ancient Egyptian temple which located at Abydos ,to the real area of the temple of the King SETI I ,it was discovered by archeologist flinders Petrie ,the Osirion was originally built at the lower level than the foundation of the temple of King SETI I .

Ancient Egyptian believed that the tomb of God Osiris (God of death )was located at Abydos and it is the head was buried ,the sacred city of Abydos was site of many ancient temple .

King SETI I changed the plan of his temple to be unique design and the only temple in Egypt had “L “shape to avoid destroyed the old Osirion which date back to old kingdom .

The Osirion is very strange structure that holds some mysteries ,the relief of the ( flower of life )was found on it ,and the origin of the flower of life in the Osirion in Abydos has now become a little clearer,a number of these patterns can be seen on one of the columns of the Osirion,which probably dates to around 2500 BC .However the Greek text shows that this must have been placed here at a much later date. Possibly during the Ptolemaic period in Egyptian history,which lasted from 332 BC to 30 BC .However it is just possible that this design could have been influenced by Pythagoras.the huge size of the red garnet blocks and pillars used to built the Osirion was the biggest they used to built the Egyptian temples.

For us still the Osirion had a lots of mysteries ,still undiscovered especially the green color of the water of the Osirion ,which similar to the green face of the God Osiris which depicted on the walls of his temples . Most of the kings from prehistoric time till the late period been to this holy location to take the power and blessing of the God Osiris and a lots of searches done about this temple but we think a lots it’s mysteries undiscovered till now