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Egypt classic tours

Egypt classic tours

Discover ancient Egyptian history with classical Tours ,but there are more influences in history of Egypt such as ,Greek and Roman,Christianity and Islamic civilization.

First in Cairo the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa a lots of things you can do where the on of ancient ”seven wonders in the world ”the great pyramid at Giza date to King Khufu from the 4th dynasty in history of Egypt use at ancient tomb and consider the biggest and tallest and intact there also more pyramids And Sphinx statue which date back to 2565 . First pyramid in Egypt was built in 3rd dynasty in Sakkara for the king Zoser (Djoser )in 2737bc,and consider the first monumental structure of stone .

Egypt riches of museums and one of the oldest,most famous museum and latest museum in the world the Egyptian museum of antiquities where located in the Tahrir square in Cairo,it consists of two floors and. Contain over 12000 items throw all history of Egypt ,the second floor contain the displays of the golden king Tut Ankh Amun tombs which discovered in the valley of the kings in Luxor 1922 by the British Egyptologist Howard Carter.

From Cairo you have a chance to visit Alexandria which established by Alexander the Great 332bc and discover the monuments there such as Pompy’s pillar ,Catacombs which consider the largest burial site during the Greek ,Roman period. Explore with classic tour in Egypt the biggest open air museum city Luxor where the majorities of monuments there,about a third of the most valuable monuments and antiquities in the whole world ,Luxor was called ”Thebes ” at ancient Egyptian and was the second capital of Egypt after Memphis especially during the golden age of history of Egypt ,Luxor divided to east and wast banks,at east bank where you can visit the largest temple complex in the world ” Karnak temple” which dedicated to god Amun Ra, and Luxor temple which connected with Karnak temple by Sphinx avenue over 3km.

Also the the two museums Luxor museum and mummification museum. Other site of River Nile West Bank which booming of monuments there the valley of the kings was the royal cemetery for 62 kings during the new kingdom still most of the tombs have a wonderful colors and painting,where there discovered the only intact tombs for king tut ankh Amun where we found overe 5000 itmes there most of them made of gold,also you can visit the only femal temple in West Bank for Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El -Bahri look like a modern constriction because the temple consists of three imposing terraces ,more monuments there such as the valley of queens, the tombs of the nobels,the funerary temple of King Ramses 11”Ramesseum’,the mortuary temple of King SETI 1 and the most impressive site Deir el madina (the workers village)And the most intact temple there Habu temple built by Ramses 111 where you can see the ruins of the only royal palace there all this sites is suitable for all ages you will not find any difficulty during your visiting. From Luxor you have a chance to visit Hurgada city which located at Red Sea coast,where you will enjoy of moderate weather throughout the year.

It consider one of nice place if you look for relaxing and sea sport,where there best places for diving,snorkeling where you can see the finest coral in the world and colorful fishes more things to do in Hurgada ,glass boat,submarines tour,bedwein camp,Safari. With Egypt classic tour more places you can spend your holiday and be unforgettable tour in your life.